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When it comes to investing, there are precious few certainties and undeniable truths, other than the fact that nobody works for or cares about your financial best interest as much as you do. In the investing industry, the line between what is best for the client and what is best for the financial advisor is easily fuzzy. By the very nature of our profession, financial advisors have an agenda that conflicts with the client.  Let me say at the outset that my words are not meant to belittle financial advisors, as many can overcome the inherent conflicts of interest and provide their clients with prudent, reasonable advice at a fair and competitive price.

What is paramount to understand is that investment products and strategies are not evil; people are. Regrettably, far too often, investors are sold goods and procedures that are misrepresented and mispriced or used in an abusive manner. Employing the services of a prudent, competent, ethical, and honest financial advisor cannot guarantee you financial success, but choosing the wrong financial advisor can prove catastrophic. 

I hope to shine a light on the inherent conflicts of interest that are prevalent in our industry, for you to have enough evidence to perform your due diligence and uncover potential conflicts. If clients better understood how the financial service industry operated, they would be far more selective in choosing their advisor. The primary purpose of this unusual commentary is to help you by revealing what most financial advisors won’t. The objective of my message is to empower you by pulling back the veil on Wall Street and provide you with information that can enable you to become a more informed and responsible investor and to help you uncover unscrupulous financial advisors. 

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