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For many investors, conditions just never seem to be acceptable when it comes to investing in stocks. This notion is especially true of those who try to time the stock market, which I suggest is one of the biggest mistakes we can make as investors. In fact, I argue that preventing my clients from bailing out of a well-designed investment plan is the single most important job of a competent and client-centric financial advisor. We must understand and appreciate that without stock market volatility, there would be no reason to expect higher long-term gains. Furthermore, it is essential to remember that  market declines are inevitable and they are normal and expected.  If we know that stock market declines are inevitable, then why are we so often spooked when the decline arrives? I believe it is because of the legendary four words that investors utter during times of market declines; “This time is different!” Investors will say they can handle “normal” declines under “normal conditions, but, “this time is different.” What is interesting is that they are probably right. Each time the market declines, there seems to be a different reason. Nevertheless, the reason for the drop does not change history, which shows that regardless of the circumstances, the stock market has generally moved higher over time. Nevertheless, it takes great courage not to allow rumors about the looming collapse of stocks to affect our decision-making. Of course, from time-to-time we will witness gut-wrenching stock market declines and there will always be reasons why now is not the time to invest in stocks. Nevertheless, if we fall prey to all the doomsayers and allow fear to dictate our investment decisions, there is an excellent chance that we will be disappointed in our results. There will always be the pouting pundits of pessimism who believe this market is too high, and that another substantial drop is inevitable. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that no one, and I mean no one, can accurately predict the market. Therefore, I put forth that we should heed the words of wisdom that says, “There is more risk being out of the market, than in it.” 

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